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The wait for climate action is over.

• Verified reversal of greenhouse gas emissions.

• Simple monthly subscription. Cancel any time.

• Share your climate dedication page with friends.

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How it works

Sign up for an easy monthly subscription of emission reversal. Discover your very own customizable Climate Dedication page, featuring shareable AI-generated art to inspire others to join in on the action.

Your money goes straight to R&D at first, then towards balancing global atmospheric CO2 levels by sinking carbon-rich invasive seaweed in the deep Atlantic Ocean.

Track your emission reversal progress on a custom dashboard and receive verified certificates of the tonnes of emissions you've reversed.

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" ..deliberately sinking seaweed could store away carbon long enough to ease some of the pressures of climate change. "


Why Sink Seaweed?

CO2 emissions stay in the air for centuries unless actively removed, causing global warming and climate change.

Sinking seaweed is more scalable, effective, and immediately actionable than alternative emission reversal methods.

Sinking invasive seaweed offers more environmental and social co-benefits than cultivating fresh seaweed.

We provide unparalleled accounting and transparency thanks to satellite connectivity that provides real-time data and tracking.

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Choose to reverse emissions

Join a global community of climate stewards and receive a dedication page showing your support for a comprehensive climate restoration plan.

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A note from our founders,
Arin, Laurel, and Christian

When we started Pull To Refresh in 2021, each of us was individually seeking something we felt was missing in a world fraught with crisis; a real plan to restore and maintain a climate that ensures a safe, prosperous, and equitable future. It is our great honor to lead the growing team of incredible individuals working around the world, around the clock, to make this happen.

Arin, Laurel, and Christian


  • Rapidly deployable marine carbon removal system.
  • A price that does not compromise available volume.
  • 1000+ year durability backed by scientific references.
  • Inspiring media to tell your climate action story.


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