Pull To Refresh: Ocean Sequestration

Our ocean-based climate solution will stop global warming
in its tracks by the time today’s teens are in their 50s.

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To restore and maintain a planetary climate
that ensures a safe, prosperous, and equitable future.

Our Story Began

more than one billion years ago, when macroalgae emerged as a hearty carbon sequestering, oxygen producing scavenger of the sea. It went on to be so successful that it is now a common ancestor of all land-based plants. 

Our solar-powered vessel can sink macroalgae
in the deep sea for effective carbon sequestration.


Our first step is to embark on the removal of invasive
Sargassum macroalgae in the Caribbean region.

We’ll do this by deploying a fleet of vessels to gather and sink the macroalgae to depths greater than 1000 meters for durable ocean sequestration of more than 100 years.

Through the process of photosynthesis, Sargassum captures CO2 from the air and water. Since it has a one year lifespan and regional currents typically deliver it to shorelines within a few weeks, its most likely fate is to get washed up on shore and decompose, producing a large amount of methane and re-releasing CO2.

Gathering and sinking Sargassum not only provides a carbon removal opportunity, but numerous co-benefits to Caribbean communities and ecosystems that are harmed by the collective anthropogenic changes to the earth that contribute to the Sargassum invasion.

Arin Crumley

Experience with Corporate Media, Film, EVs, and Supply Chain

Laurel Tincher

Experienced Entrepreneur and Executive.
Master’s in Sustainability.

Christian Robinson

Experience in Event Production, Design, AV Engineering, and Management

Passionate about the climate, our growing team of engineers, macroalgae experts, chemists, developers,
master architects, designers, and media makers is committed to making a difference.

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*Pull To Refresh guarantees delivery within three years of verified carbon removal certificates with 1000+ year permanence. We do not guarantee the specific method of carbon removal or that actual removal will be completed by our company.
**Once you have bought more than one tonne, you can contact us anytime to have ownership be re-allocated to a new email address. If tonnes are being sold it is your sole responsibility to find a buyer. Pull To Refresh just conducts the transfer.