Today We Join The Carbon Business Council And Sign The Oath To Restore The Earth
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Today We Join The Carbon Business Council And Sign The Oath To Restore The Earth

Imagine if we could achieve carbon management by bringing CO2 within safe levels for the planet. Today we join the Carbon Business Council with 40 pioneering companies committed to making this vision a reality. 

We’re going to need equipment, accounting, financing, regulatory representation, capital, science, research, and verification. As a slate of companies brought together by the Carbon Business Council we can combine ideas, connections & experience to make action happen faster.

The climate doesn’t wait. The time to act is now. When we saw so many legitimate companies were joining the council we jumped at the opportunity to join and are honored to have been accepted.  

Having a carbon management oath is essential for building the trust required for society to feel comfortable taking the actions that our future will depend on. Pull To Refresh is proud to join the Carbon Business Council as a founding member and for all of our founders to have signed their oath we have reproduced for all to see in this post. By joining the Carbon Business Council, we join more than 40 companies unifying together to unlock solutions to restore the climate. We expect this will lead to this new industry making real progress faster.

Below is the Carbon Management Oath To Restore The Earth, written by the Carbon Business Council, that our team and others in the council have signed:

The Oath To Restore The Earth

As a carbon management leader, I solemnly promise to help restore the Earth to the best of my ability. I will do this by advancing solutions that can reverse the impacts of climate change.

I will think holistically, being cognizant of the implications that my work can have for the biosphere as a whole. This includes factoring in how the choices I make today will benefit the generations ahead of me and communities throughout the world. I will engage in climate restoration with integrity, humility, honesty, and compassion.

I uphold that the responsible growth of the carbon management industry can create benefits for communities. Responsible growth is strengthened by including voices from all backgrounds in conversations about restoring the planet.

I support the growth of the carbon management industry to be guided by science, facts, transparency, and independently verified data. I recognize that advancing multiple forms of carbon management solutions at the same time can accelerate climate action. 

I believe in the crucial role that carbon management has in restoring the climate, but also recognize that carbon management alone cannot solve climate change. I support efforts to reduce climate pollution, along with initiatives to protect communities from the impacts of climate change. 

I will recognize the limits of my knowledge and seek to maintain and increase my understanding and skills throughout my professional life. I will acknowledge and try to remedy my own mistakes.

I affirm that we are all in this climate change challenge together and will collaborate with peers to help expedite carbon management solutions. 

I act out of compassion for the planet and people, not out of fear or anger. I make this declaration solemnly, freely, and upon my honor.

Carbon Business Council Oath To Restore The Earth
All active founding members of Pull To Refresh have signed the oath.

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