If We Can Get To The Moon, Shouldn't We Be Able To Fix The Climate? The Earthshot Prize Says Yes! | Pull To Refresh
Earthshot Prize nomination

If we can get to the Moon, shouldn’t we be able to fix the Climate? The Earthshot Prize says yes!

 Inspired by JFK’s Moonshot, the Earthshot Prize asks us to look for the innovation we now need here at home.

We are honored that our unmanned vessel for seaweed sinking and carbon sequestration has been nominated for the 2022 Earthshot Prize! Our project was nominated by Volans. Huge thanks to John Elkington and team.  During my graduate program in sustainability we studied Elkington’s foundational work about the economic concept of “People, Planet, and Profit,” so it’s a truly incredible feeling to now be recognized by his organization.

Immense gratitude to the The Royal Foundation for creating the Earthshot Prize to fix our climate!