Jessica from Sebastopol, CA
is reversing emissions.


Jessica's Dedication

As a new truck driver on the road, containment of hazardous materials is crucial to our environment. There are strict protocols in place to avoid unintentional release of hazmats. When released unintentionally there are protocols in place to clean up this hazard. We could create a world where all companies are held accountable for intentional (not unintentional) release of CO2 emissions. 

Jessica's Comment

I booked a flight overseas and when I was booking my ticket there was a section on the ticket website that asked would I like to pay an extra fee for cleaning CO2 emissions. As a college student on a budget, I of course said no. I think back to that decision and wonder whether I should have paid the extra? However that begs the question, why is CO2 emissions cleaning fee not included in ticket fare?

Jessica is part of a global community of climate pioneers making dedications to the climate.

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