David from CA
is reversing emissions.


David's Dedication

I feel we’re reaching the point of no return with global warming and if we don’t act fast, we won’t be able to reverse the effects it’s having on the planet. I feel the government can put some simple regulations in place that will help prevent greenhouse emissions along with incentives toward more progressive measures like solar power and electric vehicles. We need to stop ignoring the warning signs, stop pretending like global warming isn’t real, and act now before it’s too late.  

David is part of a global community of climate pioneers making dedications to the climate.

This digital artwork was created by the Pull To Refresh team, utilizing AI text-to-image generation tools with additional post-processing completed manually.

Sinking seaweed

Christine from New York, USA


Judy from Panama City, Panama

Sargassum seaweed

David from New Orleans, USA


Ben from London, UK


Andrew from Santa Rosa, USA

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