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is supporting emission reversal innovation.

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Since Zum offers cutting-edge sustainable electric fleets and user-friendly apps to help reduce our carbon footprint when transporting our children to school, we inherently support any vision for emission reversal technology. Such efforts are essential for positively impacting our climate. However, despite our business’s potential to promote a cleaner future, we must acknowledge that we are not time travelers, and carbon dioxide (CO2) remains in the atmosphere for hundreds or even thousands of years after it is emitted. Therefore, the work being done by Pull To Refresh and many other XPRIZE teams and innovative groups is of utmost importance.

We are particularly drawn to the concept of seaweed pathways because, at present, the only genuinely clean transportation we have involves electric buses charged with solar panels. However, if one day we can have carbon-neutral fuel derived from seaweed, and autonomous vessels can play a role in making this a reality, it would significantly enhance the sustainability of transportation through diverse means and methods.

Our journey begins by focusing on science, developing prototypes, and making progress. This is precisely why we wholeheartedly support Pull To Refresh and its mission. By collaborating with forward-thinking teams and embracing innovative solutions, we can collectively work towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Zum is part of a global community of climate pioneers making dedications to the climate.

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